Professional Music Management

Guiding Artistic Careers

Play On Entertainment is a music entertainment and marketing company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded in 1998, we have become one of the largest music companies in the Southeast, working with artists from Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Memphis, Nashville, and Virginia Beach. Play On is committed to providing fans and musicians alike with optimal music experiences. We work with artists to increase their visibility and appeal while providing fans with the tools to find artists and music events according to their preferences.

Dreams in neon

Push Your Music with Less Hassle

After the decision to let Skynet go online, it didn’t take long for the system to become self-aware.  Synthetic humanoids began being produced at an alarming rate.  The mission was simple – destroy all living, breathing entities.  The future of the world as we knew it was in danger.

Through all this darkness arose a hero.  A Driver with a neon Testarossa.  Together they could out-think, out kill and outrun every last cyborg scumbag.  This Driver was humanity’s last hope for survival.

At the darkest point of existence, a bright neon flash appeared and saved the day.  Humanity would dream in neon while it waited to be saved.  Neon dreams never fade… and this is the soundtrack to My Neon Dreams.

Fan Support

Helping Listeners Find Their Artists

Dying for some new tunes? Play On Entertainment helps you:

  • Find Concerts- We offer detailed information on time, location, musicians, ticket prices, concessions, and parking at concerts throughout the Southeast.
  • Play Your Favorites- Our webcasting feature lets you listen to thousands of artists from throughout the Southeast. You can also follow individual artists, design playlists, and receive updates.
  • Follow the Latest Trends- Our site allows you to follow your friends, listen to their playlists, and see what songs they’re listening to at the moment. With Play On, you’ll never miss a music trend.